6. Six days ’til payday

6 days ’til pay day.
I’m counting down.

I’ve worked like a bitch so it should be pretty nice but the next 6 days are going to be killer. I never have loads of money, but I often see a nice top and I think “I have no money but I need that top. That top will benefit my life. Plus it’s on sale, so I would be stupid not to get it. It won’t be that cheap again.” So I buy the top. If I don’t buy the top I’m proud that I managed not to shop but then disappointed that I didn’t just buy the damn top.
The top is bought, as are various other things, then I go home and pay my rent and realise I really shouldn’t have bought the top because I have £20 till pay day. No more tops for me. I also realise, perhaps reducing my overdraft wasn’t such a good idea, but of course it was because then I won’t spend money on silly things, like sale tops. Even though sale tops are never silly.
On a side note, when I reduced my overdraft, I went to the bank, queued at the bank, spoke to a man at the bank, got told to phone the bank. I phoned bank in the bank, queued on the phone to bank in the bank, spoke to a man on the phone who told me to speak to a woman who passed me onto another woman who eventually dealt with my issue. I reduced my overdraft! But seriously what is the deal with going to the bank to phone the bank?!

Anyway, 6 days till payday.

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