9. Creme brûlée is better than sex.

Creme brûlée is better than sex. I’m going as far as to say that.

Have you seen that Friends episode where they choose between food and sex? If brûlée was in the running I’d probably choose brûlée over sex.

I was stood there, in the kitchen, at 2am, eating a massive creme brûlée and just thought to myself “who cares if I’m single?! I’m eating a huge creme brûlée in my pyjamas at 2am and no-one can judge me!”

I can say creme brûlée is better than sex at the moment because creme brûlée is readily available, sex is not. I’ve not had sex for about 5 months. Although being honest, even if I was having sex every night, creme brûlée would probably still be better. Creme brûlée has never been a disappointment, unless someone really doesn’t know what they are doing with one… But on the most part, creme brûlée is always satisfying. It always tastes good, however always served best with a good, hard top. You crack that then you get the creamy, vanilla taste explosion in your mouth.

I was first introduced to creme brûlée at 15 and I’ve never turned back, well except for the boyfriend that introduced me to it… We aren’t together anymore. But I’m sure he still loves it too, what’s not to love, although I doubt he eats it alone in the kitchen in the middle of the night. He’s flying around the world and I’m stood in the kitchen, at 2am, eating a creme brûlée, on a Friday night in London.

Perhaps if WE were having sex then I could eat my brûlée at the same time and have the best of both worlds? Creme brûlée AND sex?! A girl can dream.
**NOTE TO THE PERFORMER- if you aren’t a fan of creme brûlée (which you should be because it’s the best dessert, but whatever) then feel free to exchange it for a dessert of your choosing. Please make it a good one though!

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