10. Do you like sunflower seeds?

Lamb kebabs and halloumi with salad and homemade hummus for dinner. I’ve got a blender so I can be all experimental. Tenner in Argos. The blender, not the hummus. And a tin of chickpeas is cheaper than a pot of hummus so, makes sense. 4 tins for a quid. I hope you like it. It won’t be as good as that Turkish restaurant down the road, which we have to go to by the way.

Do you even like hummus? You must have tried hummus. Have you tried halloumi? How nice is halloumi though? Have you actually not tried it? Fuck. It’s nice but it’s a bit weird. I can’t really explain it. Have you had lamb kebabs? Are you a vegetarian? You can eat halloumi. Unless you are a vegan?

At least you’ll like the salad. Oh god, actually, do you like sunflower seeds? They’re all over the salad. Something different innit? I got given a bag of them and need to use them. What else can you do with a sunflower seed? Except plant sunflowers but in a kitchen this small it’s not gonna work. Will a sunflower actually grow from this bag of meditterannean sunflower seeds? Might try that tomorrow. What have I got to lose? 

Anyway, sorry, what did you say about sunflower seeds? Oh god, what if you don’t like anything? I’ll have to make you something else. God job I went to Sainburys today. The drivers in that car park were fucked. I can always make you a sandwich. I mean try it, if you don’t like it we’ll sort something else out. No need to worry, you’re the guest here. I can take out the sunflower seeds if you want? Unless you like them of course. 

I’ve got crackers so you can fill up on them I guess? I think they’re suitable for vegetarians? Are you a veggie? Do you like Turkish food? I should have asked this before but I just fancied a nice lamb kebab and I wanted to use my blender.

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