15. Pinterest is life.

No wonder I’m tired! I just spent two hours scrolling through Pinterest!


It’s got my- future house… Future creative plans, even though I’m no good at art, umm, like, places I wanna live, places I wanna travel, holidays I need to go on, future wardrobe, future…getaways, relationships I wanna be in, really fit men I wanna date. I just don’t have the money or the lifestyle, so I just live my life through Pinterest.

Pinterest is the way to live your life.

All I want is a house that Pinterest can be proud of! I want a small, little house that I can do, like, loads of creative stuff in and cook all my Pinterest recipes and, like, have space to do all my Pinterest workouts. And then I’ll be really fit, with a really nice house… and a dog.

And then….

That’s all. That’s all I want. That’s not much to ask is it?

I mean, I haven’t gone as far as planning my wedding because I think that’s, like, testing fate too much BUT my house is gonna be perfect. I just need money to buy one, someone that can do all this creative stuff,  and somewhere that you can upcycle stuff, but nowhere sells anything. I found a chair in a charity shop the other day but it wasn’t for sale. I want a chair that I can paint, and, like, a really cool… desk. And some really inspirational quotes on the wall, because I’ve also got hundreds of inspirational quotes. If you’re ever feeling down, Pinterest is the place to go.

Pinterest. Is. Amazing.

It’s, like, my life.

My life is on Pinterest. When I’m bored, I’m on Pinterest. When I need inspiration, I’m on Pinterest. When I wanna do something cool and quirky… well I’m on Pinterest. I’ve got it all sorted but then I’ve not actually got round to doing any of the cool things I’ve found on there which is not what it’s supposed be but I like all the pretty things.

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